PLACES | Industrial salon in Japan

Sides Core designed this Hair Salon in Kobe, Japan. The salon is divided into five area: a reception area, waiting area, shampooing room, cutting space and staff room. The space is simple, with a very raw impression because of the concrete floors and the exposed ceiling. The interior in intentionally developed with this minimal palette of materials as a reflection of the concept behind. The owners didn't want the place to look like a hair salon because they wanted people to spend time here, reading books or doing other things. I love multi-functional spaces because there are always unexpected things happening and I have seen quite a few here in Stockholm or in Buenos Aires and they are always my favourites.

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  1. Me ha encantado todo pero me ha llamado la atención la silla de malla verde, ¿de quien es? ¿dónde se vende? nos va perfecta para un proyecto