Summer minimal style

Would you like to spend your holidays in this beautiful minimal summer home? Barcelona based studio Intsight last work and treat for us before the holidays is the founder's summer retreat in Begur: a balance between soft minimalism and tradition in the Catalan coast.

Unlike "normal homes", the summer one is the perfect place for people who prefer an essential approach to the domestic space:  the things we need are reduced to a minimum. Also, we don't want to spend long hours cleaning and getting everything in order and easy, therefore simple, functional solutions are the best. I love the light that floods through the windows, warm and echo of a close seaside. 


All images via Intsight

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  1. I like your summary of this splendid House reduced to simple basic needs. It reminds me of a book that I loved. This House is his ideal.

    Unfortunately, it is not translated. The title is indicative of the content.

    The art of the essential: throw the useless and superfluous to do space itself

    Thanks, for gave me the taste of read it again.