Kristina Dam | The Danish way

Kristina Dam is a artist and graphic designer based in Copenhagen. Her work aims to visualize the dialectics among art, graphic design and interiors. In Paris, at Maison et Objet 2014, she presented her newest creations: the Botanic Series, a modern and poetic interpretation of the urban jungle trend of the moment created in collaboration with the Danish photographer Tuala Hjarnø.
In her works, tropical plants becomes shy interpreter of a new way of understanding nature in the interior world: they appear not mere adornments of our home but characters of the tale of everyday life, each of them with a different and peculiar personality. Though Monstera (Phylodendron) is still my favourite, I find a Sanseveria has never been so beautiful. And surely some of fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers will agree with me.

I particularly appreciate Kristina Dam's new work I decided to team up with The Poster Club and run a very special giveaway on my Instagram account: one lucky follower will have a chance to win one of the poster in their selection (value 80 euros). It is an amazing opportunity to be among the first ones to get one of these original prints; in fact the prints can be now only pre-ordered. Head to my Instagram profile here to know how to participate.


  1. These prints look really nice! Will definitely join the giveaway on Instagram and hoping for a good luck also this time (although I know that after just winning something it's quite unlikely that the fortune will come my way also this time ... =)

  2. Beautiful Elena! I met Kristina in Paris this weekend at Maison & Objet and she was so super friendly & kind. Love it when creators don't disappoint in real life ;) Thank you for the cool giveaway!