BLOGGERSTOUR AMSTERDAM | The seductive universe of Moooi

Unique and iconic are probably the two adjectives that fit best Moooi universe. The venture was founded in 2001 by world famous designer Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers who had a vision: to create a collection of beautiful and unique obejects as stated by the very name of the company ( mooi means beautiful in Dutch).

With Wanders as art director, Moooi started to create a portfolio of works from both national and international designers, such as Studio Job, Nery and Hu or acclaimed Spanish Jaime Hayon. The style Moooi proposes is exclusive, playful with a touch of past times elegance that reminds of old palaces atmospheres. But Wanders' playfulness add a light touch to the whole collection, in an "antique meets modern" mood.

Moooi Amsterdam. Images by Susanna Vento

During our last Bloggerstour in Amsterdam, we had the chance to spend a whole afternoon at their 700 m2 space in the colorful district "De Jordaan", known for its tiny picturesque boutiques, stores, restaurants and art galleries in the heart of Amsterdam. Guided by Laura Ramos Bello-Kluit, the company’s winsome PR and Events coordinator, we could explore the store and discover how different designs came to life. Laura also organized for us a lovely challenge: each of the  Design Bloggers United was given one of the iconic Marcel Wanders' vases and invited to represent on it one of our fellow companions. 
Let's see if you can guess which one was mine, an unique collaboration between Allan Torp and Wanders!

The visit moved after upstairs for a superb surprise: a tour in the very Marcel Wanders Studio. It was great to see how the space was bustling with young and creative creative minds working in the most interesting projects, from interior designs to unique  pieces. We had a chance to go through a presentation of Wanders' most interesting works that, even of far from my personal taste, were in the overall extremely interesting. There were so many layers of history and research behind each of them that was almost unbelieveable how they managed to put all them together in a very coherent project: the result ccouldn't but be rich in both sense and output. 

All images by Susanna Vento

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