New locations in Barcelona

Bcn Locations was created in Barcelona in order to offer great locations for photo shooting: they have a vast variety of options, from classic and eclectic flats to industrial lofts or antiques shops. The flat I show you today is their minimalistic apartment located in Gracia, my district. The space is the perfect mix of minimal and antique elements with black and white touches that add a contemporary twist. The dining area is magnificent enmarked by the black window frame. They clever placed a mirror wall in the dark spot of the hallway probably to reflect the light coming from the living area and, at the same time, to enlarge the space.


  1. Barcelona IS the city of the best cement tiles … these owes depicting a carpet are to die for (and they look like the Ben Ourain berber carpets ;-)

  2. Qué maravilla de vivienda. Es espectacular