Torafu for Ponti

Japanese firm Torafu Architects has recently designed the space for a very special exhibition held in Tokoname, the city of ceramics. The exhibition is entirely dedicated to Giò Ponti, the "Father of Modern Italian Design". The four themes - Interior wall, Window, Floor and Exterior wall- help to interpret one of Ponti's  key elements: lightness. In fact, the space has no walls in the traditional sense as they have been shifted up and down to create a continuous changing setting. This also works as a device to anticipate the next rooms. The overall effect is of a floating series of elements, visually linked together by the repetition of one colour, cobalt blue. I believe Torafu's work is inspiring, especially in the attempt to  give life to Ponti's hand-craft tile works.

“Giving Warmth to the Building Skin-The World of Gio Ponti, Father of Modern Italian Design” at INAX MUSEUMS will be open until mid March.

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  1. I am a huge fan of blue hues so this works for me - I could see myself working in such an office for example. I'd be constantly on a creative endeavour:-)